Brain Implants (Focus Sessions)

Q. Do you think it’s possible to implant a virtual chip in someone’s brain? What I envision is someone with advanced psychic/tele-transport capabilities having physical particles implanted in their brain while they’re sleeping that work like a radio or tracking device?

A.  I do think it is possible, and I see it being done now.  It looks as though if someone wants to track you, they have a couple options.  One I hear is called “micro chipping” and works the way you described in the question.  The other tracking mechanism is through psychic means remotely.

Micro chipping would involve removing the hardware from yourself.  Locating it feels to be the biggest challenge.  (Please use common sense as you approach this), but I get the human based chips are accustomed to being in 98.6 degree temperatures.  They can fluctuate, but loose effectiveness if the temperature change is too great.  If you feel you have been a victim there is something you can do to attempt to find it.  Take a cold shower for some extended time (a few minutes, and again, trust your intuition and don’t over chill yourself) you will find a tingling spot and it may even give you a warm, mild, static shocking feeling right under the skin at the location sight.  If you do locate it, I suggest you seek some help to have it removed (I see it looking to mimic a hair in a hair follicle).

Setting protection is the best way to counteract psychic attacks or stalking.  YOU have the power to shut it down through your own mental intent.

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October 27, 2017

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