The Alaskan Bermuda Triangle (Focus Sessions)

Q. What is up with the so-called “Alaska Triangle“?

This is a wilderness area of Alaska where hundreds of people have mysteriously disappeared. They are there one minute, people see them, talk to them, then *poof* they just vanish into thin air and searchers can find no trace of them, and they are never seen again.

What is causing this…Portals? Aliens? Crytozoology (dangerous unknown animals)? Criminal activity such as serial killers? Or some mix of all these?

A. I get the ley lines that run to and through Alaska have created a portal that allows travel in and out of this reality.  I get that when the portal is active, and in use, the air has a strong “ozone” smell (so strong you can even taste it). Many types of ETs know of this portal, and it is utilized a lot.  I get that many UFO sightings also occur in this area.

During times when the portals are active, realities / timelines are open.  If a plane is in the air, and that are cruising at a high enough altitude, they have the ability to (involuntarily) to to that other reality.

The other phenomena that occurs is abductions… These ETs (mainly Greys and also something that looks like a reptilian with the body style of a monkey ??-that one is new for me).

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October 27, 2017

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