Meditation: Experience Traveling on an Ashtar Command Ship

Ascended Master Lord Ashtar takes you on a guided tour of a large Ashtar Command ship. This journey will take you to Mars, Saturn and the Moon, next to experiencing the Ashtar Command vessel and it’s crew as well. This journey is hosted by Sikaal and Opheana Sheehan from who will take you on Guided Meditations and Astral Travel Journeys with a focus on energy and spiritual healing.

These journeys and meditations are guided by many support teams, including Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Multidimensional beings from other realms, Ashtar Command, Galactic Federation, Higher Selves, Divine Mother, Divine Father and many more. They will assist you deeply on your personal and spiritual development journey and on your path of Ascension. During this time of expansion and change as Mother Earth is ascending we all have this opportunity to let go of the old paradigms in all areas of life, reaching for the willingness to become your authentic self.

Published Sep 9, 2016

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