GoldFish Report #79: Ascension Roundtable “Unite the Light”


Published Feb 26, 2017

Recorded 2/22/17 On GoldFish Report No 79, Co-Hosts Louisa and Steve welcome COBRA, Alfred Lambremont-Webre, Rob Potter, Mary Rodwell, Maree Batchelor, M.D. and Benjamin Change Ungerman to a fascinating conference about Ascension by uniting these Light Workers, their respective fields of expertise, research, healing, art, music, philosophy, logistics and esoteric and spiritual perspectives about Ascension.

The guests highlight their evidence for Ascension and their personal experience of ascension at this present point in time.

Cobra makes a plea to all viewers to participate in an important Meditation for Sunday February 26, 2017 and you can go to his blog for details at….

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2/26/17 Follow up to the meditation: Critical Mass was achieved!! Thanks to all who participated! Visit Cobra’s website for update on how EPIC this is!!! Victory of the Light!!!

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