Obama’s a Walk-In & Trump’s locked in as next President x 2 terms?

The subject of walk-ins is new to me, and seriously interesting! In this blog post, Patrick De Haan channels The Committee, who state Obama is a walk-in, and Trump’s got it locked down as President!


27 May 2016
I ask advance forgiveness if my understanding is incorrect. Walk-ins are replacement souls; one leaves the body and another steps in; nobody can detect much, if any difference. No physical changes result.Reader question:        Is it mainly just a spiritual contract made before incarnation with another soul to give your body to them after living a certain amount of time in the physical? Or can it be done without making a previous contract with another soul as a conscience [conscious?] decision? An example: you are tired of being in the physical and decide to give your physical body to another soul so your soul can return home.C:        Greetings and shall explain and unpack this interesting and curious aspect.
First allow us to say this occurs to less than 1% of humans, so it can be said it is rare. What percentage or rate of occurrence a human statistician classifies as rare, might be far less.

What we say is, you are as likely to encounter a walk-in body before the souls have switched places, as after it happens. So half of the potential walk-ins any human might encounter have not yet done it. So we hope you will understand our comments about rarity.

This can occur in several ways; one is to plan for it before birth or incarnation. Another is to allow for it, without specific plan or intent to do so. As an option or alternative, especially when certain life events are encountered and the benefit to surrounding lives comes up. A third way is to provide relief for the soon-to-be-departed soul, however this last aspect is extremely rare, a tiny fraction of all cases, also rare as we hope we have explained.

To encounter grief and anguish is not rare in a human life; despair causes the many of you to end your lives. Eleven to twelve of every hundred thousand lives end their own, each year.

Q:        The number of people who encounter life ending grief, from or through which suicide might offer the illusion of relief, is a LOT higher. Are these the walk-ins?
C:        Rarely, and forgiveness we beg for this word. We understand some humans will seek to identify any post walk-in soul they might, and to this we say, this you will not identify.

Q:        How about a psychic medium? If a questioner were to ask about walk-in status…
C:        The answer would not be given. This would immediately cause some humans to engage in a witch hunt-like investigation into the schizophrenic nature of the person so indentified, especially so if the subject of their interest were seen as an adversary.

Q:        What causes the walk-in scheme to be planned?
C:        The souls involved see the benefit of teamwork, in the service of others and the greater circumstances. Walk-in bodies are often used to fill important, influential roles. The circumstances surrounding the life and the effects upon a great number of humans, make this an option in a very few cases. Such as the current president of the USA.

Q:        Obama is a “walk-in”?
C:        Yes, this occurred in his early adulthood, during university studies, before marriage.

Q:     Wow….I imagine the relaxed, party focused image of his youth, the Choom gang in Hawaii, often more interested in basketball than studies, etc. would not lead to the presidency of the USA.
C:        This is not a good predictor, although expected.

Q:        So what about the relief part?
C:        A walk-in to prevent a suicide?

Q:        Yes; obviously not too common if hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people do it every year.
C:        To suspend a life’s experience when the perception of grief, anguish and despair rise up, robs a human of free will. To enjoy freedom to succeed means freedom to fail must be available. To desire the chance for gain carries risk of loss; to restrict one without the other distorts the natural law of the universe.

More to the tragedy of suicide, it is not so tragic, if the existence of the soul is understood to be permanent, yet we emphasize as we have said many a time, this view largely exists from the soul side of the equation; we understand well the human life side correctly sees suicide as tragic.

Q:       So a desperate person seeking relief and contemplating suicide is unlikely to get a walk-in?
C:        No, relief from the causes is available on Earth far more easily.

Q:       A desperate person begging for an escape…
C:        Is really asking another soul to steal from them. This is how it is seen.

Q:        What about the walk-in “option”?
C:        This is a schedule, where specific intersections of events are agreed to be reviewed as events coalesce. The option will be pursued under certain circumstances.

Q:       Are there absolute walk-ins? Where the switch will occur, no matter what?
C:        Yes, such as the case of USA leader Obama.

Q:        Is the “switchee” aware? The body and the “person” involved? Should I say personality?
C:        No, s/he is not. There can be certain hints, such as the inability to recall certain aspects of childhood. The absence of certain childhood memories, is one way this could be revealed. This is not a reliable point of probing however, because there are many aspects of childhood not remembered.

Nobody remembers their birth, yet obviously the existence of a living human is good evidence one occurred.

Q:        The incoming soul does not get access to the memories of the outgoing or outgone & departed soul?
C:        Generally, no however this does not represent a barrier. The sensation of a missing memory implies it existed, and thus is remembered. No sensation of missing occurs where no possession was had. The subsequent, incoming soul will rarely discuss a childhood or a previous aspect of life. For this reason.

Q:        Obama wrote a book called Dreams of my Father, but his father’s departure from his life while he was still a youngster means the contents of the book came from where?
C:        This information was channeled to him and the writer of the book.

Q:       He didn’t author the book?
C:        No, not entirely. Large portions were edited and adapted, and Obama provided verbal outlines.

Q:         Well, if he didn’t write the book, what was its purpose?
C:        Lend belief to supporters about his childhood and upbringing. And to distract political opposition to the degree that would be possible.

Q:       Well, I guess it was a good effort, he was elected twice.
C:        As was his destiny.

Q:       Was there any real chance he would not have been elected?
C:        No.

Q:        Were the souls of his opponents, John McCain, Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, all an agreed part of the process?
C:        Yes, certainly, especially Sarah Palin. Her life plan destiny, which she has chosen not to pursue, is to become President of the USA yet in the election where she was named as candidate for vice president, her role was similar to Obama’s, to demonstrate that opportunity has surmounted racial and gender restrictions.

Q:         What did or do Obama and Palin represent?
C:        That complaints of limits to achievement, because a person is of African racial descent or a female, are not true. Disagreement there will be, that these limits operate still. There are examples of it, certainly, yet generalized inability is no longer the case.

Q:        Is Hillary Clinton to females what Obama has been? Will she become president of the USA?
C:        Yes, and no. As we have suggested almost eleven of your months ago, the next USA president will be Donald Trump.

Q:        Why won’t Hillary become president?
C:        She has done things which have eroded her support, strained her honesty. There is sufficient doubt to cause otherwise supporters to prefer her adversary.

Q:         This would be for the party nomination, but in a general election?
C:        A small amount of her adversary’s supporters will vote for Mr. Trump. Most of those supporters will either abstain or write in the name of Senator Sanders. Only a minority will vote for Mrs. Clinton.

Q:        Back when the prediction was given by all of you, that Trump would become president, was this also a set outcome?
C:        Yes, it was nearly done at that point. Mrs. Clinton’s destiny and chances at the presidency were long ago reduced by her actions, decisions and approach.

Q:        OK, so let’s get back to the walk-ins; why would there be a certain decision for soul #1 to depart and #2 to enter in that place and body?
C:        There are several situations where this would be deemed advantageous, the principal among them fatigue.

Q:         Before I ask you to explain, what other situations?
C:        Personality and experience; often the combinations of them better serve the greater purpose. Do not many influential, prominent or well known people seem well suited to their place? In nearly all cases, this is the manifestation of one soul in one body over a lifetime, yet the walk-in adds a certain experience and talent which makes the achievement of the mission, of the purpose, more effective.

Q:      I have to say, Obama’s ability to weather and withstand blistering criticism and attack seems to surpass nearly all others in that job, except his predecessor who came under even more intense attack and also seemed to manage it well.
C:        Yes, however Mr. Bush was not, is not, a walk-in.

Q:          OK, so three questions back, what about fatigue?
C:        The primary or initial soul, the first of others to enter the body and follow the designed life course, can become tired of the pressure, the responsibilities and the effect upon her or him, that life presents. This was the case with Mr. Obama, whose biological parents separated, which soon moved him to a distant and strange land. Mr. Obama essentially had three sets of parents, biological for a brief period, mother and step father and then maternal grandparents. The effect of change, separation and death of these three sets, across great distance took a strong toll upon his human life. The proximate stage, a move to the US mainland, university study and eventual settlement in a city unknown to pursue a challenging public career, was not to be successful upon the foundation of his youth.

Q:        Couldn’t he have planned an easier life?
C:        Yes. Choice remains in all places.

Q:       So walk-ins are planned or result from abrupt, unexpected events or sometimes, avoid suicide, but nearly never. Why in the few, isolated cases?
C:        The effect of the suicide is deemed too detrimental to a large number of souls, with whom life paths are set to cross.

Q:       Most people will say suicide of a close friend or family is “detrimental”, to put it mildly. Very mildly.
C:     The immediate effect of anguish and grief is not the cause; it is the role the soul will play in eventual interactions, not related to the reasons suicide is wanted. The eventual inventor of a cure for cancer would be an example.

Q:        What unexpected events would be cause for walk-in?
C:        Unexpected death, generally from an accident. The walk-in takes the place of the departing soul, as the person is miraculously saved, where medical professionals do not know why or how. This is also not common; where the otherwise death from an event is reversed, to make it seem to all of you that the would-be victim miraculously survived, this is usually the same soul.

Q:       So the “exit” points many people build into their life, allowing them option to depart if required, are often the entry point for the walk-in, rare as those are among exit checkpoints.
C:        Yes.

Q:        Esteemed Committee, thank you and for the political input.
C:        Welcome are you all.


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