Astral Creations: Thought Forms and Technology Construction Webinar (Reality Whisperer)

Join Brad Johnson as he shares profound insight on how the mechanics of thought forms and astral technology operate. Not only will Brad share information on how such forms operate, but he will also be instructing you on how to develop certain forms of thought form/astral technology that can assist in the improvement of memory, intelligence, health and entity contact.

  • Learn about the ability of singularity, utilizing it as a power source and working with it to enhance yourself. 
  • Develop astral techniques to improve your connection to different realms.
  • Discover how to manifest simple and complex thought form projections and work with them to greatly benefit you.
  • Find out more about how to encrypt your energy keeping you mentally and emotionally aligned without external intrusion.

Adronis will also be channeled by Brad and will be sharing specific information on how these aspects of astral devices can be manifested and anchored through physical items and symbols personally created by you!

$9.99 registration purchase includes live and on-demand viewing of this event.

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